Michael Hansen

Having put in his time in the trenches of trial litigation earlier in his career, Michael’s practice is now primarily focused on real estate (conveyancing, development, leasing) and commercial law. 

From assisting first-time home buyers to setting up a new company for a small business to creating a unique development project, Michael has done it.  Michael also has experience in First Nations law and transactions involving property located on the Westbank First Nation. 

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Michael worked in the construction industry, and he prides himself on giving practical advice to homeowners, developers and contractors in relation to construction contracts and the Builders Lien Act.

During a hiatus from private practice, Michael gained invaluable experience as general counsel for an international retail business. 

When he is not scouring the pages of a commercial lease, Michael can be found fly fishing in one of B.C.’s beautiful rivers. 

Michael received his bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Calgary and attended law school in both Australia and Canada.  Michael is a past member of the Law Institute of Victoria (Australia) and has been a member of the Law Society of BC since 2011.